a la carte

Starters and snack

Fried jalapeños peppers 3pc stuffed with cheddar cheese, sour cream
95 CZK
Fried pieces of cheddar cheese 100 g, homemade tartar sauce
95 CZK
Grilled Camembert, cranberries, crunchy baguette
115 CZK
Chicken strips 100g, ranch dip, fresh vegetables
115 CZK
Grilled prim sausage 120g, mustard, toasted bread
125 CZK
Meat board-beef pastrami, prosciutto, smoked venison sausage 50g / 50g / 50g
115 CZK
Cheese board with fig mustard - camembert 40g, gorgonzola 40g, grana padano 40g, cheddar 40g
145 CZK
Beef Tartar mixed 150g, truffle oil, 8 Toasts
185 CZK
Shrimps roasted in a pan with garlic and coriander, crispy baguette
100g = 99 CZK
Fried Patagonian squid, homemade garlic mayonnaise
100g = 99 CZK


Chicken broth with homemade noodles and vegetables
65 CZK
Dill soup with mushrooms and poached egg
65 CZK


Salat with caramelized goat cheese 100g - roasted beetroot, buttermilk, cranberries, nuts
185 CZK
Salat with smoked duck breasts 80g - crunchy prosciutto, pecorino, mango, pine nuts
185 CZK
Salad with smoked salmon 100g - seaweed, avocado, radishes and tomatoes
195 CZK

WINGS - Served with fresh vegetables and ranch dip

Sweet Asian Teriyaki (4 pc)
119 CZK
Buffalo (8 pc)
195 CZK
Garlic & Parmesan (12 pc)
259 CZK

BURGERY - served with homemade ketchup, coleslaw and frenchfries

All burgers prepare medium, unless you say otherwise, and can be served without brioche in lettuce leaves, we can add Jalapeños. Sweet potatoes fries + 15,-czk. If you do not want to dirty their hands, ask for gloves.

Let ́s Burger - Black Angus 180g, pancetta, cheddar, pickles, dijon mustard, red onion, tomatoes, lettuce, homemade ketchup
195 CZK
Serious Blue Cheese - Burger Black Angus 180g, mushroom ragu, gorgonzola, pancetta, pickles, lettuce, aioli of roasted garlic
205 CZK
Wild Mexico - Black Angus 180g, chorizo, double cheddar, jalapeños, grilled eggs, guacamole, coriander, lettuce aioli of roasted garlic
195 CZK
Duck Burger - Duck meat 150g, cheddar, bacon, red currant, Pepper Jack cheese, crunchy onion, lettuce, aioli of roasted garlic
195 CZK
Venison Burger - Made from prime venison meat 180g, Brie cheese, beetroot, roasted pancetta, cranberry marmalade, aioli sauce, salad
195 CZK
Sandwich with beef Pastrami - 150g, sour cucumber, honey wholegrain mustard, lettuce, cheddar
187 CZK

great meat board

For 2-4 people / Sliced Rib eye 250 g, pork ribs 400 g, chicken wings 8pc, grilled sausages 240g, potato dippers fries, crispy baguette, coleslaw salad, aioli, horseradish, mustard/
865 CZK


Pork ribs 300g served with roasted potato, blue cheese dip, onion and roasted bread, baked with BBQ marinade, ginger and cherries or - in jalapeňo marinade, baked with coarse-grain mustard,garlic and rosemary
245 CZK

and more

Schnitzels of pork tenderloin - 200g, potato puree, sour cucumber, sour pepper, lemon
225 CZK
Texas pork chop - 300g, jalapeños marinade, corn, baked potato, dip blue cheese, salad
275 CZK
Top Blade steak - in mushroom sauce with chanterelles, grilled vegetables, potato purée
289 CZK
Rib Eye steak - 220g, potatoes puree, marinated tomatoes, asparagus, pancetta, salad
299 CZK
Grilled lamb chops in pistachio crust - fennel salad with pomegranate, baked potato with blue cheese dip
279 CZK
Fish & Chips - potato dippers fries, tartar sauce, mix salad
225 CZK


Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream
95 CZK
New York Cheesecake
95 CZK
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